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The 2012 poster for the series.

Spoof Wars is the name for the series of films, short films and other media sharing the same continuity started by The Dubious Maneuver. The series is primarily a parody of the Star Wars universe and started as a fan film, but also parodies many other franchises.


The Spoof Wars film series began in 2003 with The Dubious Maneuver. Three shorter films collectively form the Tales of the Jebi trilogy, and the series concludes with The Plot Strikes Back.

Short Films and OtherEdit


The setting is primarily based on the setting of the Star Wars universe - a fictional galaxy in the past. One of the main powers in the galaxy is the Galactic Democracy, which is policed by Spacefleet and the Jebi Order, mystical warriors with magical powers. The Jebi are in an ongion struggle against their enigmatic ancient enemy, the Spiff Order.


The series focuses on certain key characters in the story, on both the sides of good and evil, as well as others who play a part in that balance.

The GoodEdit

Guy-Gone Weird | Only-One Cannotbe | Shawn Duet | Typhon | Sprint Render | Mobacca | Rig'ur Mortuus | Barkeep | Maigus

The BadEdit

Dharth Bolshevik | Dharth Very Insidious | Dharth Tyrannical-Fascist | Dharth Bob | Rhast | Exor Kruun | Disco Fett | Suckuss | Starcutter | Wilhelm Tarpolin