Arkaid Ourumfrumfrumv was a General in the Galactic Dictatorship Navy. He was present at the Battle of Nom Crustacia. Aboard the Doom Ball, he tracked and confronted Shawn Duet and his Resistance strike team, but was unable to prevent Duet from destroying the Doom Ball's shield generator.


To be revealed in Spoof Wars Episode XLVII: The Plot Strikes Back!

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ourumfrumfrumv is a parody of General Arkadi Ourumov from the film GoldenEye. His first name is a play on "Arcade". His last name is a bit of an old inside joke - many years ago, Matt Gilbert had not yet seen the GoldenEye movie, and when first playing the N64 game, in an attempt to pronounce Ouromov, he said something like "Arum-frum-frumfff....". Arumfrumfrumph is also the name that Duet says off of the top of his head when asked for the name of his shuttle by an officer. It's most likely a coincidence as Duet probably was unaware that the jibberish he thought he just made up was also similar to the name of a high-ranking general. As such, this similarity inadvertantly explains why the Dictatorship would buy such a bizarre name for a ship.